It’s not uncommon for borrowers to get a home loan, and continue to repay the loan without ever changing from the original interest rate. This is what’s called a ‘set-and-forget’ mentality, and it could be costing you thousands of dollars each year!

In the last few years, the lending market has undergone a raft of changes, which has resulted in interest rates being the lowest they’ve ever been in Australia’s history. Even as recent as two years ago, borrowers could have been given an interest rate 1-2% higher than what it available to them now, meaning they are unnecessarily paying interest to their lender.

Reasons why you may want to refinance your home loan:

  • Looking for a better interest rate
  • Looking to use the equity in your home to renovate
  • Your living situation may have changed – additional family members, relationship status change or you may have had family members leave the nest.
  • Looking for new features and add-ons such as flexible repayments.

So, what can you do about it?
At Equity Portfolio Finance we have access to hundreds of loan products from over 40 different lenders, including major banks, smaller banks, credit unions and can compare hundreds of different home loans to find you the right one for your situation, right now.

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