A personal loan can help you fund a holiday, new car, home renovations and can come to rescue your financial crisis too, however, there are many different types of finance that you can go for these days. Your circumstances, financial status and credit score will determine which of these are going to be accessible to you.

When taking out a personal loan, you need to take the below points into consideration:

The rate of interest charged
You need to ensure you know what the rate of interest will be on any loan that you take out. This will determine how much you pay overall for your borrowing, so the lower the rate the better it is for you.

The repayment terms available
Another thing to look at is the repayment terms available on the loan you are considering. These can vary from lender to lender, so find one that offers repayment terms that are suited to your needs and your finances.

Any additional charges
You also need to check whether there are any additional charges that come with the loan. For instance, some lenders may charge administration fees.

How Equity Portfolio Finance can help
After assessing your objectives and financial needs, an Equity Portfolio Finance loan specialist will search our database containing hundreds of loan products from over 40 different lenders, including major banks, smaller banks, credit unions and more. A loan specialist will then recommend a product or products which suit your needs.

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